Inspection : Definition, Need, Objectives, Types of Inspection

If the incoming materials are large in quantity and involve huge transportation cost it is economical to inspect them at the place of vendor or supplier. 6) It helps to coordinate the functions of quality control, production, purchasing, and other departments of the organization. Detect the source of weakness and failure in the finished products and thus check the work of the designer. “ inspection is part of quality”- inspection is the checking, verification of raw material, in-process, semi-finished or finished components.

  • In government and politics, an inspection is the act of a monitoring authority administering an official review of various criteria that are deemed by the authority to be related to the inspection.
  • The most important advantage of sampling inspection is that it exerts more effective pressure on quality improvement.
  • Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design.
  • Inspected products can be the components used for production, semi-finished goods, or finished goods before shipment to a customer.
  • Some also carry out surprise inspections of schools.
  • The inspection made no mention of the hotel’s tourist offerings, which the hotel advertises on a sandwich board sign just outside the front door.

3) In sampling inspection problem of inspection fatigue which occurs in 100% inspection is eliminated. 100 % inspection not possible where destructive testing is required. The cost required for inspection is more as compared to sampling inspection. The work of inspection is done while the production process is simultaneously going on. Inspection is done at various work centers of men and machines and at the critical production points. This had the advantage of preventing wastage of time and money on defective units and preventing delays in assembly.

Advantages of Sampling Inspection:

In this method randomly selected samples are inspected. Samples taken from different batches of products are representatives. The entire concern is to be rejected or recovered. This is the last stage when finished goods are inspected and carried out before marketing to see that poor quality products may be either rejected or sold at reduced prices. It consists of inspecting and checking of all the purchased raw materials and parts that are supplied before they are taken on to the stock or used in actual manufacturing. The inspection may take place either at the supplier’s end or at the manufacturer’s gate.

Since the entire lot may be rejected only on the basis of the sample. Generally speaking, pre-production inspections are adapted to customized and complex products. More standard items should be inspected during production . In Europe bodies involved in engineering inspection may be assessed by accreditation bodies according to ISO “General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection”. Commodity inspection is other term that is used between buyers and sellers.

Pre-production inspection (a.k.a. “initial production inspection”)

A servicing company must service the fire extinguishers at least once a year. In the world of business, inspection is the critical appraisal of materials, items, or systems involving examination, testing, and gauging. Inspectors take measurements and make comparisons.

It is the first step to distinguish between accepted or rejected components. Following an on-site inspection, the surveyor prepared a written report on the property. A standard home-inspection report summarizes the condition of the house. In any case, in-process products are rarely checked, even though it can be very valuable. It takes a trained technician to reliably detect errors on unfinished products. The inspector needs to use the product specifications as a checklist — typical points are materials, workmanship, appearance, labeling, inner packing, outer packing.

Inspection Sentence Examples

The doctor observes the patient’s nutritional state or weight, hair distribution, breathing rate, body features, and symmetry appearance. The doctor also observes the patient’s gait, speech, and chest movements during respiration. Mechanical inspections determine whether structures or items of machinery are safe and reliable. In Europe, entities involved in engineering inspections are assessed by accreditation bodies according to ISO 17020. If a machine or equipment experienced a failure, inspectors may carry out a failure analysis. Not only do they determine what went wrong and why, but also what corrective measures the company must take.

definition of inspection

A routine inspection revealed several faults with the engine. During the closure, crews will use lifts and cameras to do a safety inspection of the bridge, according to a recent release from the Oregon Department of Transportation. Officials have not said when the final inspection report on the fire will be completed. Regular inspections are required of all restaurants in the area. Photogrammetry is a modern way of visual inspection, delivering high accuracy and traceability for various industries. The portable 3D system is a versatile optical coordinate measuring machine with a wide range of capabilities.

Example of a quality inspection checklist

The report certifies that the documents’ description of the goods is accurate. But state officials say there is no record it ever passed a lead paint inspection. To make them available for public inspection is wrong.

definition of inspection

Add inspect to one of your lists below, or create a new one. For examination, the invertebrates were pressed between two glass plates and inspected under the microscope using a low magnification . If a building is what is inspection inspected, it is examined carefully by a specially trained person, in order to discover if there is anything wrong with its structure. In most countries, regular inspections of fire equipment are compulsory.

An important concept: why inspecting earlier is generally better

A company’s accounting records must be open for inspection at all times. Council officials made one site inspection of the property. Also, based on the production start date and the number of products already finished,the buyer can have a fair idea about the shipment schedule. There are mainly three tools at the disposal of buyers, to check on the quality of their suppliers’ products. Each buyer should try to choose the solution that best fit her needs.

The IAEA carries out two general types of inspections – planned and reactive inspections. The inspection may involve just one inspector or a team. A medical inspection refers to a doctor checking a patient visually.

Phrases Containing inspection

We may inspect a building or organization to make sure that it meets specific standards. The inspectors need to ensure that nothing is faulty and that nobody is breaking any laws. They also have to make sure that whatever they are inspecting is safe. Building code officials do a building inspection to determine code compliance in new or altered buildings before issuing a certificate of occupancy. Residential inspections not for code compliance are called a home inspection.

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